Decision support: Stroke risk after TIA

According to this summary on, “the ABCD2 score is a risk assessment tool designed to improve the prediction of short-term stroke risk after a transient ischemic attack (TIA). The score is optimized to predict the risk of stroke within 2 days after a TIA”. More information is available here.

Here is how it looks in NeuroMind 2:

Risk parameters for the ABCD2 score

Just swipe to the bottom to read the last line and see the “Proceed” button:

Input based on the individual patient

The combinations of blood pressure values and clinical features (unilateral weakness, speech impairment) are processed according to the original reference, but presented separately in the user interface to facilitate reading and make it less confusing.

Results include 2-day stroke risk and management advise

More images are available from the gallery below…

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