Pieter Kubben is a staff neurosurgeon who works at the Maastricht University Medical Center in The Netherlands and performed a PhD thesis on glioma surgery with intraoperative MRI.

As a hobby, he started developing software for mobile computing and clinical decision support. Starting in 2001, he has won two international awards for his efforts in PHP & MySQL.

Since 2009 he has focused on developing mobile apps for iOS,  Android and Windows 8.

In 2010 he released three medical iPhone apps, and became IT editor and associate editor-in-chief of the open-access journal Surgical Neurology International. One of his apps, called NeuroMind, became the #1 ranked app for neurosurgery for iPhone, iPad and Android. It has been mentioned three times in the widely cited “Top Apps” on, and is also available for Windows 8. Testimonials and media coverage are available here.

In 2011 he gave a TEDx talk explaining his philosophy behind the apps, and his vision on clinical decision supporting systems (CDSS). Such systems are implemented in NeuroMind 2.0 which was released in April 2012. In 2016 the app got a major update to Technical maintenance is nowadays performed by

Twice he was named one of the “Top Ten Internet-Smart Doctors in the World” by the weblog, both for 2012 and for 2013.

Since 2014 he works as a staff neurosurgeon with a focus on functional neurosurgery (adaptive deep brain stimulation and brain computer interfaces). He is part-time employed at the department of medical information technology to develop new innovative approaches in eHealth and mHealth.

Late 2018 he published a book on the Fundamentals of Clinical Data Science (edited with Michel Dumontier and Andre Dekker) which teaches healthcare professionals and medical students the essentials on big data, machine learning and its applications with the promise “no math, no code”.



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