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DIAGRAM score added

Based on the article by Hilkens et al (JNNP, 2018) I added the DIAGRAM score to NeuroMind. Here is the table from the article: And here is a screenshot from the app:   The full calculator can be freely accessed online or from the app (iOS, Android).

ETV success score – interactive module

As a small Xmas gift, I decided to make the ETV success score available as an interactive module too. According to NeuroMind analytics, it is the most consulted content after the PHASES score (which is already interactive). Merry Xmas!  

Update for Spetzler-Martin/Ponce grade

I just released a new version of the Spetzler-Martin/Ponce decision support module on The other interactive decision support modules that are available still use the “old” style (loading module in new window) whereas the new module runs directly in the main view and updates the content immediately when parameters are changed. This is done…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind 3: Spine Instability Neoplastic Score decision support

As a last content addition before submitting NeuroMind 3 to the App Store, I added the Spine Instability Neoplastic Score (SINS) as interactive decision support: This will also be available as an In App Purchase for $0.99. The only thing left before releasing NeuroMind 3 is to improve the styling a little…. Stay tuned! More images from SINS…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind 3: PHASES implemented

For NeuroMind 3 I also reimplemented the PHASES score, which predicts the 5 year risk for subarachnoidal hemorrhage. One caveat: as an incentive for continuous development, I will start offering In App Purchases in NeuroMind for interactive content. This is the first decision support system in NeuroMind that will ask for a small fee ($0.99). The…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind 3: interactive TLICS implemented

I just implemented the interactive version of the TLICS score for thoraco-lumbar spine injury in the upcoming version of NeuroMind 3. It is much like the SLIC score, but with slightly different calculations. Here are some more images:

NeuroMind 3: interactive SLIC score implemented

SLIC is an evidence-based decision supporting system on the (surgical) treatment of subaxial cervical spine injury. It is based on the SLIC scale described by Vaccaro et al(Spine, 2007). It is available as a separate app, but now I also implemented it in NeuroMind 3 for iOS. More interactive decision support is to come! Gallery

NeuroMind 3: Spetzler Ponce classification added

While working on NeuroMind 3 I had to experiment a little with how to implement interactive decision support. The ability to work with multiple storyboards in XCode is a major advantage that I got to know recently. Today I gave it a try and added the Spetzler Ponce classification. Everything needs to be re-programmed because…Continue Reading…

Decision support: PHASES score

I just created a new decision support item for NeuroMind, the first using the new webbased technology that I described before.  It is based on a recent article in The Lancet Neurology by Greving et al. on the 5-year rupture risk of cerebral aneurysms. It uses the PHASES score for risk estimation, which is an…Continue Reading…

NOAC: a web app on new oral anticoagulants

As a sequel to this blog post I have been experimenting with jQuery Mobile, which is a framework for building web apps that run on a wide variery of devices (because they are actually just websites optimized for a small screen layout). The content comes from this article on new oral anticoagulants by Oudeman et al…Continue Reading…