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TREMOR12W: tremor measurements on Apple Watch

After learning how to transfer data from the Apple Watch to the iPhone, I have been working on the TREMOR12 app by¬†creating a WatchKit extension to perform tremor measurements on the Apple Watch and send them to the iPhone. You can browse the code in the “watch” branch in the GitHub repo. Despite the official…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind on iPhone 6 / iOS8

I just checked in the development environment and according to my tests, NeuroMind should work fine on iPhone 6 (Plus) and iOS8. Have not been able to test on actual device as I postponed upgrading due to many reported issues on the web. Let me know if you encounter any difficulties.

Safe Surgery app being updated

Currently I am focusing again on XCode, Objective C and (will do in near future) Swift for app development. Which means it will be iOS-only for the moment. To get some hands-on experience with the current tools I have been using the excellent iOS Apprentice Series from written by Matthijs Hollemans. Now I am…Continue Reading…

CE-marked NeuroMind 2.5 for iPhone and iPad available

After the release of the Android version, the CE-marked update for NeuroMind is now also available for iPhone and iPad! I hope you like it! More images are available below: iPhone 4S and older iPhone 5 and newer iPad

NeuroMind in MedCity’s Top Apps for Healthcare Professionals

Last week NeuroMind has been mentioned as one of six “Need to Know Apps for Healthcare professionals in 2013” by MedCity News. That’s a nice way to finish this year! :-)

OrthoRef updated

Since the introduction of iOS7 all apps that have not been updated immediately look “old”. To me there was no doubt that NeuroMind needed to be updated, but also OrthoRef should receive that fresh look. Today I uploaded the 2.3 version for OrthoRef, which contains support for the iPhone 5 screen and support for iOS7….Continue Reading…

NeuroMind 2.2 for iOS 7 submitted to App Store

Today I submitted the NeuroMind 2.2 update for iPhone and iPad to the App Store. After testing it successfully on my iPhone 5 and iPad 3 I thought it was ready for all of you… Now the waiting process begins, as usual. Will keep you posted here – although you should receive an update notification…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind 2.2 for iOS7

All right, I start to get the hang of it… today I’ve been working on the layout for NeuroMind’s upcoming 2.2 version which is tailored for iOS7. The issues I mentioned yesterday (did not show all of them in the screenshots ;-) ) are now all gone. The new layout is clean, fits well into…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind on iOS7 – first experience

Just checked how NeuroMind would look on iOS7 (have not upgraded my own devices yet)…. what should I say? It looks nice, but apparently some layout items have changed into a look that is not exactly what I had in mind. Don’t know yet how to deal with this… maybe I will come up with…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind 2.1 available for iPhone & iPad

After the Android update earlier this week, I am happy to inform you that NeuroMind 2.1 is now also available as an update for your iPhone and iPad. It contains new content, but also support for the iPhone 5 screen dimensions. Enjoy! Screenshots iPhone 5   Screenshots iPad