Colloid Cyst Risk Score added to NeuroMind

I just added the Colloid Cyst Risk Score by Beaumont et al (JNS, 2016) to NeuroMind. It is available as a free update in the app, or you can use the web version here.

As the authors conclude:

Patients with incidentally discovered colloid cysts can experience both lesion enlargement and symptom progression or less commonly, contraction and symptom regression. Incidental lesions rarely cause acute obstructive hydrocephalus or sudden neurological deterioration in the absence of antecedent trauma. Nearly one-half of patients with symptomatic colloid cysts present with obstructive hydrocephalus, which has an associated 3.1% risk of death. The CCRS is a simple 5-point clinical tool that can be used to identify symptomatic lesions and stratify the risk of obstructive hydrocephalus. External validation of the CCRS will be necessary before objective surgical indications can be established. Surgical intervention should be considered for all patients with CCRS ≥ 4, as they represent the high-risk subgroup.

(I have a technical issues with the images online, so you can visit the web version to get an immediate inpression)

2 Responses to “Colloid Cyst Risk Score added to NeuroMind”

  1. Ramakrishna Easwaran says:

    Thanks for the pretty quick response to my suggestion. I find this useful in deciding on surgery for asymptomatic colloid cysts, that are so commonly incidental discoveries

  2. I’d like to find out more? I’d care to find out some additional information.

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