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ETV success score – interactive module

As a small Xmas gift, I decided to make the ETV success score available as an interactive module too. According to NeuroMind analytics, it is the most consulted content after the PHASES score (which is already interactive). Merry Xmas!  

Favorites in NeuroMind

Thanks to everywhereIM, who are currently doing the technical development of NeuroMind, the app now has favorites! At this moment favorites don’t sync between devices, you would need an account for that… maybe in 2018… ;-)

Update for Spetzler-Martin/Ponce grade

I just released a new version of the Spetzler-Martin/Ponce decision support module on The other interactive decision support modules that are available still use the “old” style (loading module in new window) whereas the new module runs directly in the main view and updates the content immediately when parameters are changed. This is done…Continue Reading…


A new NeuroMind Early 2016 NeuroMind 3 for iOS has been introduced. Fully available off line, optimized for iOS, and many new technical features. Sounds great, and initially it felt that way for me too. But there were drawbacks: for any update, even a small one, I needed Apple’s App Store submission process (which costs…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind update March 2016 available for iOS

The March 2016 update for NeuroMind (on iOS) is now available from the App Store. Besides adding the MILD score, I have another surprise for you: from now on, the SINS and PHASES decision support items are available free of charge! They used to be an In App Purchase (for $0.99) but I removed the…Continue Reading…

MILD score added to NeuroMind

The MILD score by Debernardi et al has been added to NeuroMind for classification of fractures at the craniovertebral junction.  The update for iOS has been submitted to the App Store and contains another surprise. The Android and web version are updated immediately. Gallery

Error in PHASES calculator

Professor Stephen Lownie informed me about an error in the PHASES calculator of NeuroMind, and he was right. If the PHASES score is in the range of 3 until 12, you will get a risk of 7.2% (which corresponds with PHASES score of 11) in all cases. I corrected the code that caused this and submitted…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind 3 available from App Store!

I am very proud to inform you that the best NeuroMind version ever is now available as a free download from the App Store! NeuroMind 3 contains many improvements, such as: Completely redeveloped for offline access while maintaining security standards. Favorites added! Split View added for iPhone 6(s) Plus and iPad Export of decision support data…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind and OrthoRef 3.0 delayed

I am sorry to say that the final release of both NeuroMind 3.0 and OrthoRef 3.0 will be delayed. I submitted both updates before Xmas hoping they would be available at the beginning of January. Part of these updates is an Information screen that refers to the app’s homepage, and that homepage mentions that the…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind 3: new styling for scores

The last improvement that I wanted before releasing NeuroMind 3 is a better styling of the content (in particular the score details and decision support feedback). Now I did that! Here is a “before” and “after”…. Before   After I guess I made my point! :-) More images