New iPhone app for subaxial cervical spine injury

In my previous post on the SLIC scale for subaxial cervical spine injury I posted some screenshots within my iNeuroMind iPhone project. However, this scale is that important that I think it deserves a special app – and orthopedic surgeons might be interested as well.

I needed to find out how to work with the iPhone’s plist format in setting up some kind of decision tree mechanism that I earlier used on other mobile devices. Done! Adding some nice visual effects, and all possibilities from the iPhone, and you get a result like this (click for large version):

SLIC decision supporting system

SLIC decision supporting system

There we go! The autorotation component is supported as well, and will remind you of the original SLIC scale in case you cannot remember it by heart (like me). I still need to implement the actual decision trees, but at least the technology behind it is working now as it should.

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