The subaxial cervical spine injury classification system (SLIC)

Cervical spine injury is a topic that remains difficult in my opinion. When can I consider the spine to be “stable” (no abnormal motion) and when is external stabilization indicated. Prescribing a Halo-vest for 12 weeks is not really a nice thing to do if unnecessary. On the other hand, not prescribing it when it is necessary, is even worse. Fortunately, help is on its way!

Vaccaro et al published two very helpful articles on this topic. The first article describes the subaxial cervical spine injury classification system (SLIC). The second article describes an evidence-based algorithm that will assist surgeons in answering the 2 most common questions they face when managing subaxial cervical spine trauma: “Should I operate?” and “Which surgical approach should I select?”

I already implemented the first article in the iPhone app before I found the second, that one will come later. Here is a screenshot, with two different kinds of layout (click on the image for a large version).

SLIC on iPhone

SLIC on iPhone

The second layout (on the right) came across this morning… accidentally. I changed some settings, and I found this result. Which I like better!! There is more space for text, and less “unused space”. In the meantime, I do not have the impression that it gets too crowded. And yes, I know that I need to increase the height of the lower cell a little in the new version. That’s easily done!

What layout do you think is best: the left (old) or the right (new) one? Let me know!

4 Responses to “The subaxial cervical spine injury classification system (SLIC)”

  1. Phil says:

    although less “efficient”, i tend to prefer your first design…i’ll retweet it and see what other users think about it!

  2. CocoaGeek says:

    IMHO the first one emphasis the document structure better, and make it more readable.

  3. Interesting… so I won’t need to change it too fast ;-)

  4. Leninwtigger says:

    I also like the first one better

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