NeuroMind and OrthoRef resubmitted to Windows Store

Windows Store certification for NeuroMind and OrthoRef failed, both for the same reason: lack of compliance to section 4.1 of the certification requirements. This reads:

If your app has the technical ability to transmit any user’s personal information, you must maintain a privacy policy. You must provide access to your privacy policy in the Description page of your app, as well as in the app’s settings as displayed in the Windows Settings charm.

Hmm, a bit exaggerated to my opinion, but I quickly found out that there are different views on this topic. At least I am not the only one suffering from this issue. Both my apps use an Internet connection to show you some web-based info on the apps, and it lets you contact me by E-mail or Twitter. According to Microsoft, those activities may be very suspicious…. Yeah, right. But I get the point: you may trust Microsoft more than me as an individual, which is perfectly okay. So I now added a privacy statement to my apps:


Privacy statement for Windows Store apps

I hope the apps will pass certification this time, as I did not create a Windows Settings charm (I do not need one). I chose the solution you can see in the screenshot, and I notified the reviewers in a separate comment. Now I suppose it will take another week… so fingers crossed!

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