NeuroMind on iOS7 – first experience

Just checked how NeuroMind would look on iOS7 (have not upgraded my own devices yet)…. what should I say? It looks nice, but apparently some layout items have changed into a look that is not exactly what I had in mind. Don’t know yet how to deal with this… maybe I will come up with a quick solution for now and a more detailed update in the future. Will keep you posted on this blog.

Welcome screen in iOS7

A few more images (also showing the issues I mentioned above) are available below.

One Response to “NeuroMind on iOS7 – first experience”

  1. Fortunately things are not as bad as I thought they would be…. after updating my iPad to iOS7 I found that the app is still using the old look, so it does not get updated automatically (fortunately). So no worries… and I have some time to make iOS7 specific modifications to the app.

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