SLIC app version 0.9 ready

The New Year’s break has been quite productive for me. After the progress with the NeuroMind application, I could make serious progress on the SLIC application as well.

As a reminder, SLIC is a subaxial cervical spine injury classification system, described by Vaccaro et al (Spine, 2007). Based on this classification, some evidence-based algorithms on the surgical approach to subaxial cervical spine injury have been described by Dvorak et al (Spine, 2007). I liked both articles, and have developed an iPhone application that facilitates application of the system.

In my opinion, the application can be considered as finished now. Waiting for some last beta testing results, I do not expect to make serious modifications anymore. After some struggle with the code, the application now displays the decision chart automatically full screen if it is selected. Using multitouch gestures on the iPhone (“pinching”) it can be zoomed in for better reading. It works great on XCode‘s iPhone simulator, although there seems to be a small delay in loading the chart on my device.

Further progress includes an improved version of the SLIC classification system, which is shown by rotating the device to landscape mode (“horizontal”). It also includes references to the articles mentioned above. The last addition which I think I need to provide, is a disclaimer.

Here is an updated screenshot compilation of the app (click for large version):

SLIC version 0.9

I hope to see you soon…. in the App Store!

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