SLIC Scale reminder using AutoRotation

I added a reminder for the SLIC tool about subaxial cervical spine injury. I have trouble in remembering the SLIC Scale, even though it’s not that complicated. I guess if you use it regularly it will be easy to remember, but what if you did not have to use it for some time?

The tool I have been blogging about will support decision making, but it also needs to original scale. On purpose, I kept it very simple:

SLIC Scale in UITextView

I load the scale in a UITextView, which is automatically displayed if you turn the iPhone. In the first version, I used a UIWebView: this offers more layout features, but I find the text too small to read – and zoom/scroll is not really helpful for a quick lookup. Although this can be moderated, the new approach is very simple and powerful. And fast!

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