NeuroMind 3… Development started!

Now that my SAH DCI app is available in the App Store, there is one more thing that I have on my mind since I started learning Swift programming for iOS: NeuroMind!

This is an exciting screenshot for me:


It means I have started development and succeeded in the most important barrier I could encounter: SQLite integration. I used the FMDB wrapper with tutorials by AppGuruz and Techotopia. I highly recommend the latter website, although for the current purpose AppGuruz had some valuable additions to offer.

In iOS9 a few things differ compared to the tutorials, but by now I succeeded in making a connection between my Swift code and the SQLite database that contains all classification systems for which you have been using NeuroMind all these years. This also means that I can now expand possibilities, updating the app for all new screen dimensions (!) and I am also considering to add a “favorites” option now. Will have to see how things evolve…

More to come!

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