From medical knowledge to practical healthcare

In this TEDx presentation on TEDxMaastricht (April 2011) I share my thoughts on medical knowledge management in the 21th century. My presentation offers particular emphasis on clinical decision supporting systems and how they can contribute to better and more personalized healthcare.

3 Responses to “From medical knowledge to practical healthcare”

  1. Daniela Ivan says:

    Since I started to work in Neurosurgery as a junior doctor, having to live daily with the frustration of not being able to simplify the apparently huge complicated amount of clinical data, I always dreamt about a system like this, I even named it as a project proposal “chinese whispers” system. Unfortunately I never progressed further with it, but your talk reinforced my hopes that somebody, somewhere still dreams about this and will make it possible.

  2. Khalid Negm says:

    I think there’s more to the story than what’s mentioned here.

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