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NeuroMind 3: interactive TLICS implemented

I just implemented the interactive version of the TLICS score for thoraco-lumbar spine injury in the upcoming version of NeuroMind 3. It is much like the SLIC score, but with slightly different calculations. Here are some more images:

NeuroMind 3: interactive SLIC score implemented

SLIC is an evidence-based decision supporting system on the (surgical) treatment of subaxial cervical spine injury. It is based on the SLIC scale described by Vaccaro et al(Spine, 2007). It is available as a separate app, but now I also implemented it in NeuroMind 3 for iOS. More interactive decision support is to come! Gallery

NeuroMind 3: presenting Split View!

A much requested feature for NeuroMind on iPad (and by now also iPhone 6 Plus and obviously iPad Pro) has always been to implement a Split View as you know from e.g. your Mail app. Well, NeuroMind 3 will not only contain favorites (the other highly requested feature) but will also contain this Split View….Continue Reading…

NeuroMind 3: content safety check implemented

I implemented iRIS in NeuroMind 3. iRIS stands for interactive Risk Inventory System and that’s my CE-marked system to offer you offline access to the content while maintaining safety in case there are issues with the app or you do not update from time to time. Suppose you have been using the app offline too…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind 3: favorites and more in decision support

After adding the favorite option to the main table view and the individual score items, I now also added it to the decision support mode. Moreover, once you come to the advise of the decision support system and you feel like doing a manual check, that has become easier too!

NeuroMind 3: favorites working with local storage

Good news! The favorites option for NeuroMind 3 is now fully functional, although iCloud syncing is not working yet. I slightly changed the user interface for more consistency. From the main menu, the favorites star allows you to toggle the Favorites menu. You’ll get a friendly message if you have no favorites yet, otherwise a…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind 3: Spetzler Ponce classification added

While working on NeuroMind 3 I had to experiment a little with how to implement interactive decision support. The ability to work with multiple storyboards in XCode is a major advantage that I got to know recently. Today I gave it a try and added the Spetzler Ponce classification. Everything needs to be re-programmed because…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind 3 search improvements

I am making good progress with NeuroMind 3 for iOS, and finally I introduced something which I already missed since the first version: the ability to search subtitles too. Until now, you could only search for a title text, but sometimes the subtitle was easier. For example, you may not remember that the classification is…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind 3 progress

Although this is a basic issue, it is also an essential one. In my previous post I demonstrated a first screenshot of NeuroMind 3. Afterwards I encountered issues when sorting¬†the data per category, which are solved now. I added a detail view that should load the content and that all works fine. Did a little…Continue Reading…

SAH DCI available on the App Store

I am happy to inform you that the SAH DCI app, which calculates up to 7 relevant scores for delayed cerebral ischemia after subarachnoidal hemorrhage, is available for download on the App Store! More information on the app is available here. Screenshots iPhone 6 Screenshots iPad