NeuroMind 3: presenting Split View!

A much requested feature for NeuroMind on iPad (and by now also iPhone 6 Plus and obviously iPad Pro) has always been to implement a Split View as you know from e.g. your Mail app. Well, NeuroMind 3 will not only contain favorites (the other highly requested feature) but will also contain this Split View. This is how it looks on the iPad Pro, for example:



Neat, huh? It took me some headaches as you can read in my post at As I wrote earlier, I am using multiple storyboards in my app for the decision support items. That gaveĀ me an extra challenge here, but now all issues have been solved and it is working as a flaw. I set up a demo project for which you can download the code from GitHub. As I wrote in an update to my post, the solution at GitHub works at iOS 9 only, the modification works as iOS 8 as well.

Here are some more images from the iPhone 6 Plus, iPad and iPad Pro!

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