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Cerebral Venous Thrombosis Grading Scale added

The Cerebral Venous Thrombosis Grading Scale (CVT-GS) has just been added to NeuroMind’s interactive tools. It predicts 30-day mortality and 30-day modified Rankin scale > 2 based on 4-5 parameters. In the app it is immediately available (you’ll need to restart the app if it’s open), and you can also access the CVT-GS on NeuroMind’s…Continue Reading…

MEWS tool added

I just added the MEWS tool (Modified Early Warning Score) to help you screen critically ill (COVID19) patients. Thanks to Carla Reizinho from the Hospital Egas Moniz (Lisbon, Portugal) for the suggestion! Good luck & stay safe.

Colloid Cyst Risk Score added to NeuroMind

I just added the Colloid Cyst Risk Score by Beaumont et al (JNS, 2016) to NeuroMind. It is available as a free update in the app, or you can use the web version here. As the authors conclude: Patients with incidentally discovered colloid cysts can experience both lesion enlargement and symptom progression or less commonly, contraction…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind 2019 beta version

In collaboration with I am working on a brand new NeuroMind version of which I am very proud to share the first screenshot of the beta version. NeuroMind 2019 will be fully compatible with all latest hardware, will be back in Google Play (I know it is currently offline there) and will offer much…Continue Reading…

DIAGRAM score added

Based on the article by Hilkens et al (JNNP, 2018) I added the DIAGRAM score to NeuroMind. Here is the table from the article: And here is a screenshot from the app:   The full calculator can be freely accessed online or from the app (iOS, Android).

ETV success score – interactive module

As a small Xmas gift, I decided to make the ETV success score available as an interactive module too. According to NeuroMind analytics, it is the most consulted content after the PHASES score (which is already interactive). Merry Xmas!  

Favorites in NeuroMind

Thanks to everywhereIM, who are currently doing the technical development of NeuroMind, the app now has favorites! At this moment favorites don’t sync between devices, you would need an account for that… maybe in 2018… ;-)


A new NeuroMind Early 2016 NeuroMind 3 for iOS has been introduced. Fully available off line, optimized for iOS, and many new technical features. Sounds great, and initially it felt that way for me too. But there were drawbacks: for any update, even a small one, I needed Apple’s App Store submission process (which costs…Continue Reading…

OrthoRef 3.0 available from App Store

For my orthopedic colleagues I also updated OrthoRef for iOS to version 3.0 using the same framework that NeuroMind benefits from. This update contains many improvements, such as: Completely redeveloped for offline access while maintaining security standards. Favorites added Split View added for iPhone 6(s) Plus and iPad Universal version for iPhone and iPad Compatible…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind 3: working on favorites

I am working on a request that I got the most: a favorites option! Will try to make it work directly with iCloud to sync favorites between iPhone and iPad version, but no promises yet :) As I wanted to retain the clean interface you will see just a tiny star at the top:   Will…Continue Reading…