UIActivityViewController in NeuroMind 3

For all decision support items in NeuroMind 3 I am offering you the option to export the result for later reference. Up to now, this was only possible as email. Now I implemented it in the way I wanted it to be: you can export your results (input parameters, scores per section, total) as a comma-separated value (CSV) file. The advantage of the CSV format is that both spreadsheet software (e.g. MS Excel, Numbers) and almost all statistical packages can read it. Therefore, this could also be used for research (more on that will be part of a future version… wait & see :-) ).


Actually it turned out to me much easier than I expected. For the coders and as a note to myself, here is how it is done. First, import MobileCoreServices above the class reference:

Then, for the iPhone it would be sufficient to connect this code to some Action outlet (preferably a Bar Button Item with the Action system item):

In my case, content is referring to a CSV file, but a simple string would do it. The only problem with the code above is that the iPad does not know where to anchor the popup. This is how it is solved:


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