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HATCH score added

The HATCH score ((Hemorrhage, Age, Treatment, Clinical State, Hydrocephalus) has just been added to NeuroMind as a tool to predict unfavorable outcome 1 year after SAH.

Colloid Cyst Risk Score added to NeuroMind

I just added the Colloid Cyst Risk Score by Beaumont et al (JNS, 2016) to NeuroMind. It is available as a free update in the app, or you can use the web version here. As the authors conclude: Patients with incidentally discovered colloid cysts can experience both lesion enlargement and symptom progression or less commonly, contraction…Continue Reading…

SHE score added to NeuroMind

Just added the SHE score to NeuroMind for mortality prediction in subdural hematoma in the elderly. It is based on the work by Alford et al, recently published in the Journal of Neurosurgery. You can directly access it in the web version, or from now in your app. I really like the Guideline GREG module…Continue Reading…

Hematoma expansion risk added

The hematoma expansion risk score, based on the 2014 study of Brouwers et al in JAMA Neurology, has just been added to NeuroMind – both as interactive tool and static text. More images are available below!

SAFARI score added

I just added my first score and interactive decision support tool using EverywhereIM‘s Guideline GREG solution, and it has never been so easy and efficient to add new content to NeuroMind. The SAFARI score by Jaja et al (Neurosurgery, 2018) is meant to assess the risk of convulsive seizure during admission for aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. I hope…Continue Reading…

DIAGRAM score added

Based on the article by Hilkens et al (JNNP, 2018) I added the DIAGRAM score to NeuroMind. Here is the table from the article: And here is a screenshot from the app:   The full calculator can be freely accessed online or from the app (iOS, Android).

Update for Spetzler-Martin/Ponce grade

I just released a new version of the Spetzler-Martin/Ponce decision support module on The other interactive decision support modules that are available still use the “old” style (loading module in new window) whereas the new module runs directly in the main view and updates the content immediately when parameters are changed. This is done…Continue Reading…

MILD score added to NeuroMind

The MILD score by Debernardi et al has been added to NeuroMind for classification of fractures at the craniovertebral junction.  The update for iOS has been submitted to the App Store and contains another surprise. The Android and web version are updated immediately. Gallery

NeuroMind 3: new styling for scores

The last improvement that I wanted before releasing NeuroMind 3 is a better styling of the content (in particular the score details and decision support feedback). Now I did that! Here is a “before” and “after”…. Before   After I guess I made my point! :-) More images