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NeuroMind 2019 beta version

In collaboration with I am working on a brand new NeuroMind version of which I am very proud to share the first screenshot of the beta version. NeuroMind 2019 will be fully compatible with all latest hardware, will be back in Google Play (I know it is currently offline there) and will offer much…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind temporary issues

As you may have noticed there are some issues with the current version of NeuroMind. It is currently offline in Google Play¬†for technical reasons and also the look & feel has some issues. I am working on a solution which should be available within ~ 2 months (I guess). Will be back!! Apologies for any…Continue Reading…

ETV success score – interactive module

As a small Xmas gift, I decided to make the ETV success score available as an interactive module too. According to NeuroMind analytics, it is the most consulted content after the PHASES score (which is already interactive). Merry Xmas!