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NeuroMind 3: presenting Split View!

A much requested feature for NeuroMind on iPad (and by now also iPhone 6 Plus and obviously iPad Pro) has always been to implement a Split View as you know from e.g. your Mail app. Well, NeuroMind 3 will not only contain favorites (the other highly requested feature) but will also contain this Split View….Continue Reading…

NeuroMind on iPhone 6 / iOS8

I just checked in the development environment and according to my tests, NeuroMind should work fine on iPhone 6 (Plus) and iOS8. Have not been able to test on actual device as I postponed upgrading due to many reported issues on the web. Let me know if you encounter any difficulties.

CE-marked NeuroMind 2.5 for iPhone and iPad available

After the release of the Android version, the CE-marked update for NeuroMind is now also available for iPhone and iPad! I hope you like it! More images are available below: iPhone 4S and older iPhone 5 and newer iPad

OrthoRef updated

Since the introduction of iOS7 all apps that have not been updated immediately look “old”. To me there was no doubt that NeuroMind needed to be updated, but also OrthoRef should receive that fresh look. Today I uploaded the 2.3 version for OrthoRef, which contains support for the iPhone 5 screen and support for iOS7….Continue Reading…

NeuroMind 2.2 for iOS 7 submitted to App Store

Today I submitted the NeuroMind 2.2 update for iPhone and iPad to the App Store. After testing it successfully on my iPhone 5 and iPad 3 I thought it was ready for all of you… Now the waiting process begins, as usual. Will keep you posted here – although you should receive an update notification…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind on iOS7 – first experience

Just checked how NeuroMind would look on iOS7 (have not upgraded my own devices yet)…. what should I say? It looks nice, but apparently some layout items have changed into a look that is not exactly what I had in mind. Don’t know yet how to deal with this… maybe I will come up with…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind 2.1 available for iPhone & iPad

After the Android update earlier this week, I am happy to inform you that NeuroMind 2.1 is now also available as an update for your iPhone and iPad. It contains new content, but also support for the iPhone 5 screen dimensions. Enjoy! Screenshots iPhone 5   Screenshots iPad

NeuroMind 2.1 update

NeuroMind 2.1 is going to be out soon. I have uploaded the binaries to the App Store for review, and to Google Play for (almost immediate) access. You’ll be pleased to see some improvements in the layout… for iPhone users, there is now support for the iPhone 5 screen dimensions. First, this is how it…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind’s triple #1 status

For the first time since its release NeuroMind is topping the results for “neurosurgery” in the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and in Google Play for Android. Nice! :-) App Store Google Play That’s great, but not a point to start leaning back. Actually, some improvements are necessary due to new technological developments: the…Continue Reading…

Listed again on

In the latest “Top 10 free iPad Medical Apps” series on, NeuroMind has been mentioned again. The comment is flattering: Created by a Neurosurgeon and simply a must have for neurosurgeons and also neurologists. Thanks, guys!