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NeuroMind 3: favorites and more in decision support

After adding the favorite option to the main table view and the individual score items, I now also added it to the decision support mode. Moreover, once you come to the advise of the decision support system and you feel like doing a manual check, that has become easier too!

NeuroMind 3: favorites working with local storage

Good news! The favorites option for NeuroMind 3 is now fully functional, although iCloud syncing is not working yet. I slightly changed the user interface for more consistency. From the main menu, the favorites star allows you to toggle the Favorites menu. You’ll get a friendly message if you have no favorites yet, otherwise a…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind 3: working on favorites

I am working on a request that IĀ got the most: a favorites option! Will try to make it work directly with iCloud to sync favorites between iPhone and iPad version, but no promises yet :) As I wanted to retain the clean interface you will see just a tiny star at the top:   Will…Continue Reading…

UITableViewCellAccessoryType in if-else statement