My iPhone apps downloads: >15k

Update after two months presence in the App Store: > 15.000 downloads for my iPhone apps! Thanks to all people who downloaded and are using the software. I hope you like it.

I already wrote a post that some of my iPhone apps have been mentioned on other weblogs. Now there is a new blog to add to that list. It’s called Medicalchemy and it’s the blog from Nurse Practitioner Degree. They wrote a post titled “33 iPhone Apps Every Healthcare Professional Needs” and I am happy to see that NeuroMind made it into that list.

What’s going on at the moment? I have applied for a university grant on m-learning, and proudly mentioned all these blogs that highlighted my iPhone apps (with particular attention to the interview on Further I was pleasantly surprised to see that Safe OR from QxMD is for free now. They make interesting apps, but the former price of €7,99 was too much for that app. Safe Surgery is for free, and got a nice reference in one of the Safe OR reviews (click for original size):

Dutch comment on Safe OR, referring to Safe Surgery

Regarding iPhone development, I have paused that now. Temporarily, I guess. Just waiting for iPhone OS 4 to arrive, before continuing.

For now, I am making progress with my efforts in open web standards. As there is some NDA involved in my current project, I cannot do into details on the content now. But I’ve improved my knowledge of CSS and JavaScript / Jquery already, and expect to learn more in the future. I am especially grateful for the nice examples by Soh Tanaka and the Nifty Corners article.

Planning to update NeuroMind’s content soon, and continuing development in these open standard on a new app.

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Pieter Kubben and Pieter Kubben, Pieter Kubben. Pieter Kubben said: @OrthoOnc Mentioned our interview in – could be interesting in grant approval process on m-learning. Thx again! […]

  2. I’ve always been a big fan of open web standards. Certainly the best way to go I think. I have nothing against other apps, but my general feeling on the use of open web standards is that it creates opportunity to become creative with the software and broaden it’s reach. Looked at some of your iPhone app’s as well … I am really impressed… Might even look into developing apps for iPhone at a later stage, or somehow integrate it. Unfortunately I don’t own an iPhone for now to play around with, perhaps in a few months. But I’m really interested to see what you come up with now with your new projects …

    Congrats on your iPhone apps download stat: >15k! That’s really impressive!
    Will be checking in later to see more.

    Wishing you all the best,

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