NeuroMind update 4.2

Since this week a new major NeuroMind update is available for iOS and Android, adding 2 new features that I am happy with.


They’re back again, the descriptions below the title of the classification system, and you can also search on them. The Guideline GREG backend developed by needed some modifications to allow this, and I am glad they’re back.

Subtitles... they're back!

Subtitles… they’re back!

Trace your steps

Another new feature is that from the results screen, you can click the “Details” option to trace your steps. You can also export them as a PDF in email for logging if you like. I think this can be very useful, I have tested it in the emulator and I am glad that it is now available for all of you.

Trace your steps

Trace your steps

You can download the update from the App Store or Google Play free of charge. More images are available below. Enjoy!

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  1. Khalid Negm says:

    I’m genuinely excited to see more work on this!

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