NeuroMind update March 2016 available for iOS

The March 2016 update for NeuroMind (on iOS) is now available from the App Store. Besides adding the MILD score, I have another surprise for you: from now on, the SINS and PHASES decision support items are available free of charge! They used to be an In App Purchase (for $0.99) but I removed the purchase.


In case you bought the items the past few weeks, I wish to thank you for supporting NeuroMind development. Nevertheless, due to Apple’s increasing restrictions in their review policy -which I found out during the NeuroMind 3 approval process- I am looking for a different (web-based) business model and for that reason I made this decision. My goal is to offer NeuroMind’s content to as many people as possible and I get the uncomfortable feeling that I should change directions now before Apple makes us mHealth app developers do so.

Enjoy all content!

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