Cleaning up…

Today is my birthday… 37 years of age now. Seems like a good moment to look back and look forward. I did a major clean up of my blog which includes a new fresh theme and rearranged categories to make the site easier to navigate. The intro page now offers a brief overview and more links to subpages. All apps moved to a separate page… but: I decided to remove all “old” apps not only from the web site, but also from the App Store.

All apps that have not been updated to the iOS7 (and up) look and feel are no longer available anymore. I even don’t know if they still run, found out that at least the SLIC application did not. Besides, they are not compatible with modern standards like CE marking of the FDA guidance.

Regarding the SLIC app, I intend to re-build it in Swift incorporating my new iRIS technology. The other apps, like Safe Surgery, are done. They were nice for the time being, but it is time to head forward.

I am looking forward to bringing you new mobile decision support apps, starting with NASCIS. These are built using Apple’s latest technologies, and iOS only. Stay tuned for more app developments over the course of this year, as my presents to celebrate…. :-]

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