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I just created a new decision support item for NeuroMind, the first using the new webbased technology that I described before.  It is based on a recent article in The Lancet Neurology by Greving et al. on the 5-year rupture risk of cerebral aneurysms. It uses the PHASES score for risk estimation, which is an acronym of Population, Hypertension Age, Size, Earlier SAH, and Site of the aneurysm. Bases on the sum score of these items it is possible to predict the 5-year rupture risk of the aneurysm.

Now, I made a few changes for this new module, one of which is that selecting the decision support module from the menu will bring you to an info screen that includes a lik to the source code and the disclaimer:

(click for full size version)

(click for full size version)

This has two reasons, and in particular the second one you will be happy with. The first is that I also want to offer people the option to look inside the code, in case somebody suspects a programming error (just in case you’d like to browse it). For that reason I created an account on SnipSave, where you can browse through the PHP snippets. The second reason is that because of this (and because I added a short remark at the end of each individual score from the Scores section) you do not need to click the disclaimer popup at the beginning of the app anymore! It always annoyed me, but previously I did not think of this method.

Anyway, if you click the Agree & continue button you will enter the actual PHASES decision support module, which looks like this:

(click for full size version)

(click for full size version)

And when clicking the submit button, this happens in the background to give you the result:

(click for full size version)

I am happy with the result and will now continue with other decision support modules using this new framework.

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