NeuroMind 2.1 update

NeuroMind 2.1 is going to be out soon. I have uploaded the binaries to the App Store for review, and to Google Play for (almost immediate) access. You’ll be pleased to see some improvements in the layout… for iPhone users, there is now support for the iPhone 5 screen dimensions. First, this is how it looks on an iPhone 4(S) and older models:

NeuroMind 2.1 on iPhone 4(S)

And this is how it looks on iPhone 5:

NeuroMind 2.1 on iPhone 5

As you can see, the larger screen shows a full row extra.

Now, Android users benefit as well… I improved handling and readability for recent devices with a high resolution screen:

NeuroMind 2.1 on Android

I hope that this solves the problems that people recently reported.

Regarding the Windows Store version, I am waiting for Microsoft‘s certification process.

So… just a moment, the updates should be available soon!

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