Modified Early Warning Score on iPhone (in Dutch)

The Modified Early Warning Score (MEWS) is a scoring system that aims to reduce the number of resuscitations in an emergency department or on the ward. This is achieved my monitoring early warning signs, that can be easily measured by nurses. They can then calculate a sum score and handle according to the corresponding advise. The chart below shows how my hospital intends to handle this:

Modified Early Warning Score (in Dutch)

Now, I am wondering if a nurse who might be stressed by a deteriorating patient, is happy with a chart like this. I am also wondering whether this chart is effective, or error-prone. And I am thinking “decision support”. So I have been playing around with it a little to create an interactive system that can be used on mobile devices. Just enter the signs, press a button, and presto… you get the result:

Just consider this as a prototype, I don’t know yet whether an English version will be available in the next NeuroMind update. For now, it is just meant to initiate some discussion in my hospital to “approach things different”.

More screenshots are available from the gallery below, they will give you some more idea of this prototype, and my approach to an interactive MEWS score.

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  1. MEWS is effective in recognizing subtle changes in a patient’s condition in order to provide earlier intervention and I believe it will become a standard of care in a few years time. Like you, Philips is dedicated to innovative solutions that improve paitent outcomes and has recently released a vital signs monitor with real-time point-of-care MEWS connected to a central deterioration system with hospital wide alerting capabilities.

  2. Thanks for your reply. I shortly checked and this looks good. Interesting technology and innovations! Do keep me posted on new developments that are ready for clinical implementation!

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