Windows App Certification error

After working on NeuroMind for Windows 8, I created a package (which is just Visual Studio’s way of saying that it is compiling for the Windows Store) – this worked well, and I could test the software on my Samsung tablet successfully. Then, I wanted to run the certification process. This is very easy to do, you just follow the steps that Visual Studio presents. Apparently my app did not meet the requirements, and I got this error:

It seemed like a small issue to me, but it was not. First, you won’t find the requested parameters if you open the app manifest file in the visual editor. You need to open it in the code editor, which can be done by pressing F7.

The minimally required version is 6.2.1 – but if you are running Visual Studio from the Release Preview of Windows 8, it still won’t pass the test! Unfortunately, the only solution is reinstalling Windows, because you need Windows 8 RTM (aka Enterprise Edition). You can download it here. Certified apps also don’t run under Windows 8 Release Preview (version 6.2.0). You will need to change your references to the WinJS API, as the RTM version comes with the final version instead of the RC.

Yes, it is annoying that this will cost you 3-5 hours of your time. Yes, it feels like a useless activity, knowing that the final version will be out soon – needing another reinstall (the RTM version works 90 days after activation). Yes, it is annoying that you now also need a product key for Visual Studio 2012 (I did not need that when using it on Win8 RP). Btw, you can use┬áRBCXF-CVBGR-382MK-DFHJ4-C69G8 (got it from this site, and it worked for me). Buy your own license later, after the final versions are out.

I also think it is annoying. But when I reframe the issue to: “would I be willing to invest 3-5 hours of my time to have the advantage of being in the Windows Store very early with my apps”, all of a sudden it is a no-brainer. And then you’ll see this:

Done! Afterwards simply follow the steps and upload your app(s) to the Windows Store. How nice it is to look at a screen like this:

Mission accomplished!

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