Presenting OrthoRef – 100 scores for orthopedics

After all positive reactions on NeuroMind, I decided to create a sibling of this app for orthopedics: OrthoRef. It contains a total of 100 scores for your orthopedic practice, including more than 50 scores that are not present in NeuroMind!

Now, the app is working fine on iPhone and iPad, and has been submitted to the App Store. Unfortunately Apple refused to publish it, as they said the user interface should be more interactive and not “just a table”. Although I commented that a useful app should be demand-driven (and solve an issue) instead of technology-driven, I am currently considering what to change or add to have it approved. Likely this will be a Decision Support section as you can find in the latest version of NeuroMind.

Here are some more screenshots on iPhone:

And on iPad:

Hope to be back with positive news soon!

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