SLIC2 : now also on iPad

Continued working on SLIC 2 today, with success! Bypassed the problem I described in my previous post, and implemented all five flowcharts now. Moreover, the app has now been tested and is running successfully on both iPhone and iPad (as a universal binary). This is new compared to the current version of SLIC, which does not have an iPad version.

Here are some iPad screenshots (click for full size version)…

SLIC score menu

SLIC surgery menu


Inside a decision tree

So the main work is finished now. There are two things left to do before I can upload the app to the App Store:

  • need to make up my mind on how to handle the disclaimer: do I put it in the startup screen, or do I have you click it away manually? I realize the latter is rather annoying, but for medicolegal reasons it may be safer to do so.
  • need to create some artwork for icon and startup (splash) screen

So I definitely expect it to be available for download on iPhone and iPad by the end of the month (filesize will be a few megabytes instead of 700 kilobytes due to other development environment, and interactive decision support features).

Android users will have to wait a little longer perhaps, but it’s around 80% chance that there will be an Android version of SLIC 2 as well!

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