SLIC 2: Decision support for subaxial cervical spine injury

My second most downloaded app after NeuroMind is SLIC, an app for decision support on the surgical treatment of subaxial cervical spine injury. Now there is a problem with SLIC on iOS 5, which prevents the menu picker on the home screen from being displayed correctly:

Defective menu on iOS 5

I decided to develop a new version of SLIC to which I will refer as “SLIC 2”. This contains the same kind of interactive decision support as you will see in NeuroMind 2. Moreover, SLIC 2 will be a universal binary, which means it will support iPad too. And probably I will also create an Android version of it, but no promises on that one yet.

Here is the new interface for SLIC 2 in the two main screens:


SLIC 2 - Scores section

The Scores section is the same as demonstrated here for NeuroMind 2. However, the Surgical section displayed below is new, and is not scheduled for NeuroMind 2.

SLIC 2 - Surgery section

Although I can continue with the surgical decision support immediately, I would prefer to solve a programming issue first that would offer some maintenance benefits on my side. Depending on the time required I will decide whether to wait for that, or create a “quick fix” for the moment to continue (and solve it later).

Will be continued within a few days!

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