NeuroMind 2 mobile web version

From NeuroMind 1.5 onward I have developed using Titanium instead of Xcode, and I like it. It is faster, and allows cross-platform deployment to Android with one code base.

In their upcoming Mobile SDK 1.8 there will be the option to compile to code to a mobile web version, besides iOS and Android. I’ve tested their release candidate 1 today, and my first impression is not bad. You can see the result here using Safari or Chrome.

It would be an added value to use the same code for a HTML5-compatible mobile site as well as the apps (iOS, Android, and in the future -maybe- Blackberry). But at this moment it is not working without problems. For example, the “switches” (checkboxes) are not visible, which makes it hard to select the risk factors. For now, I’ll just wait for the final version of this SDK release, and then I’ll have another look.

Here are some other screenshots of the part that does work:

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