Decision support for traumatic parenchymal lesions

Part 3 of the BTF Surgical Guidelines: traumatic parenchymal lesions. By now you will be familiar with the three steps I also used for the decision support systems on epidural hematoma and acute subdural hematoma:

Step 1: the original text-version of the guideline’s recommendations

Step 2: create a flowchart

(click to enlarge)

Step 3: convert into an app!

(click to enlarge)

As you can see, it also works without problems on the iPad. However, there is one thing I will have to change on the iPhone version. I like the bold text font and fontsize that the iPhone uses by default, but occasionally the text gets too long for the text field. So far I could solve that by using short descriptions, but this does not seem to hold… for the iPad it is no problem, but for iPhone (and Android smartphones) some changes need to be made.

More screenshots below…

Next chapter: posterior fossa mass lesions…

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