Decision support for subaxial cervical spine injury

The SLIC scale has been developed by Vaccaro et al. and published in the scientific Journal Spine (2007). The SLIC scale is one of the scores available in NeuroMind, and of course there is the separate app on surgical strategies, as published by Dvorak et al. in Spine (2007). This SLIC app has been consistently in the Top 6 iPhone apps for neurosurgery, and has been downloaded over 6,500 times since its release in 2010. Its use is spread over many countries:

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As the SLIC scale is one the scores I personally use a lot, this is one of the first scores that I want to be interactive for NeuroMind 2 (to appear in 2012). The new interface looks cleaner compared to the current version of NeuroMind:

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To get a more detailed impression of what it looks like and how it currently functions, you can browse the screenshots gallery below. Of course, the major advantage of such an interactive system is that it calculates the score automatically, and gives you the appropriate advise based on the score. It’s efficient and effective!

The code foundation for interactive decision support is now fully functional, and I am gradually expanding the content by looking at evidence-based decision trees and clinical guidelines.

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