My favorite iPhone and iPad apps for neurosurgery

Sometimes people ask me if I have any useful suggestions regarding apps for their iPhone or iPad, mostly from a medical background. So here I’ll give you some apps that I frequently use or advise. Part of them have a neuro-background, others are useful in general (in my opinion and experience).

Useful iPhone apps

Medical / Neuro:


  • MindNode: the best mindmapping app for your iOS device in my experience!! (universal binary, so you pay once for both iPhone and iPad version – I also use the Pro version for Mac, which is good and not expensive).
  • Stanza: a very useful e-reader (especially for ebook format)
  • ReaddleDocs: a good tool for taking your documents on the go (read-only)
  • Shazam: useful and impressive, just “wow”!

Useful iPad apps

Medical / Neuro:

  • NeuroMind for iPad: the big brother of the successful iPhone version
  • Brain Tutor HD: even better than his smaller brother (and beautiful!)
  • 3D Brain: same version as iPhone, but for large screen. Good!
  • SNI Mobile: same as for iPhone, but made for larger screen
  • Eponyms: universal binary, so same as iPhone version


  • Papers: this app in itself justifies the purchase of an iPad (at least when your desktop library is maintained in Papers as well). This is my most imporant iPad app, together with:
  • ReaddleDocs for iPad: very useful for reading several files on your device, like Word and PDF (supports images as well)
  • MindNode: same as iPhone version, but even better on the large screen
  • Flipboard: innovative way to keep track of your social networks and RSS feeds
  • Pages: good for text-editing on the go. I have not tested Quickoffice, of which I hear good stories as well. On the other hand, I am not yet impressed by Numbers.
  • Keynote: good for creating and giving presentations from your iPad. The latest version allows also export to PowerPoint-format. Note: to give presentations from the iPad, you need a separate VGA-connector (bought it, not tested yet).

Other neuro apps

I don’t have 3D Brain ANATOMY: it might be useful, but hard to tell without hands-on experience. Regarding i-Neurosurgery: I bought it, and in my opinion it is a waste of money. The app only displays some requirements for your training, and crashed several times while using it.

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