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NeuroMind 3: favorites and more in decision support

After adding the favorite option to the main table view and the individual score items, I now also added it to the decision support mode. Moreover, once you come to the advise of the decision support system and you feel like doing a manual check, that has become easier too!

NeuroMind 3: favorites working with local storage

Good news! The favorites option for NeuroMind 3 is now fully functional, although iCloud syncing is not working yet. I slightly changed the user interface for more consistency. From the main menu, the favorites star allows you to toggle the Favorites menu. You’ll get a friendly message if you have no favorites yet, otherwise a…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind 3: Spetzler Ponce classification added

While working on NeuroMind 3 I had to experiment a little with how to implement interactive decision support. The ability to work with multiple storyboards in XCode is a major advantage that I got to know recently. Today I gave it a try and added the Spetzler Ponce classification. Everything needs to be re-programmed because…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind 3 search improvements

I am making good progress with NeuroMind 3 for iOS, and finally I introduced something which I already missed since the first version: the ability to search subtitles too. Until now, you could only search for a title text, but sometimes the subtitle was easier. For example, you may not remember that the classification is…Continue Reading…

NeuroMind 3 progress

Although this is a basic issue, it is also an essential one. In my previous post I demonstrated a first screenshot of NeuroMind 3. Afterwards I encountered issues when sorting the data per category, which are solved now. I added a detail view that should load the content and that all works fine. Did a little…Continue Reading…

SAH DCI available on the App Store

I am happy to inform you that the SAH DCI app, which calculates up to 7 relevant scores for delayed cerebral ischemia after subarachnoidal hemorrhage, is available for download on the App Store! More information on the app is available here. Screenshots iPhone 6 Screenshots iPad

Introducing SAH DCI for iOS

A respected colleague of mine, Menno Germans, draw my attention to the VASOGRADE score. This is a simple grading system for delayed cerebral ischemia (DCI) after subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). I started working on a mobile decision support system for this, and soon realized I could integrate the risk chart by De Rooij et al (also available…Continue Reading…

SLIC 3.0 available for download

SLIC has been updated to version 3.0 to offer evidence-based decision support on subaxial cervical spine inury. The most recent version still works offline, but supports all new devices, iOS 8 and newer, and implements CE-marked technology for risk minimization. Available as a free download / upgrade from the App Store.  

SLIC 3 uploaded to App Store

SLIC 3 for iOS has been uploaded to the App Store. This version incorporates CE-marked technology for risk minimization inspired by the European MEDDEV guidelines and FDA guidance on mobile medical applications. Further, this version has been updated for iOS 8 and higher, and all new iPhone screen dimensions. More info can be found here. Screenshots

NASCIS app rejected by App Store

Unfortunately I got another rejection of the NASCIS app from the App Store review team for the same reasons as previous time. I decided to quit.. they want me to remove the drug dosage advise, which is the sole purpose of the app. As an alternative, I decided to make the source code available on…Continue Reading…